Make the world your playground!

(And survive!)


We’re so glad that you’ve come to join our adventure!

We’ve been on the road for over a decade.

And been barefoot for even longer than that!

We hope this inspires you to GO ADVENTURE!

We look forward to meeting you on the road. Soon!









Did somebody say “Adventure?”

Adventure  /ədˈvɛntʃə/ noun an unusual and exciting or daring experience. “her recent adventures in Italy” verb engage in daring or risky activity. “they had adventured into the forest” I was kind of feeling that I Read more…


What If?

            I’m staring at a blank page and it acts as a mirror to my life! Here I am sat in Amsterdam wondering what to do next… Where do I go? What do Read more…


Without a Crutch

If you’ve ever met me or read this blog (not that anybody actually reads this blog) you’ll know that I am a hopeful homeless vagabond gypsy with no shoes or sense of direction. I own Read more…

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