Make the world your playground!

(And survive!)


We’re so glad that you’ve come to join our adventure!

We’ve been on the road for over a decade.

And been barefoot for even longer than that!

We hope this inspires you to GO ADVENTURE!

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Without a Crutch

If you’ve ever met me or read this blog (not that anybody actually reads this blog) you’ll know that I am a hopeful homeless vagabond gypsy with no shoes or sense of direction. I own Read more…


Give Me Back My Leg!!

It’s cold. It’s wet. And I’m cripple… The relentless grey sky breaks only to shower me and the [really really old] puppies I need to walk three times a day… Which, I might add, is Read more…


The Secret to Success

People keep asking me what I’m doing with my life. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a clue!!! There are 197 countries in the world. And each of those holds dozens of Read more…

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