Make the world your playground!

(And survive!)


We’re flipping glad that you’ve stumbled upon our journey!
We’re chasing our dreams and living our best life.
(And we’re doing it on the cheap!)

We’ve been on the road for over a decade. And been barefoot for even longer than that!
We seldom have a plan, but we always end up thrown into EPIC adventures!

We hope our story inspires you to GO ADVENTURE!
Face your fears. Live your dreams. Life is too short for boring.
See you on the road!









Running Wild

“All good things are wild and free!” We feel sorry for the animals in the zoo and the whales in the aquariums, but then we go and put ourselves in cages. Little prison cells of Read more…


How to Write a Novel

Aspiring author? World-famous cattle wrangler or astronaut? Or simply an average Jane with a story you need to tell? This is written for all of you. And mostly for me. Instead of seeing the mammoth Read more…


Doing Hard Things

I changed my mind three times while simply making breakfast the other day. I realised that pretending to adult is hard. You have to do things. You have to be places. You actually have to Read more…

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