“Your risky behaviour is going to kill us all!!!”
That was the last thing the night watchman at a previous hostel ever said to me.
He did not think I should be walking around barefoot.
He did not think that I should be running in the rain.

This morning I stepped out of my snazzy apartment (thank you covid for make it affordable) for a run.
I didn’t feel like running, but before I battled my computer, I needed some fresh air.
(We all need fresh air!)
I got one block down the road and noticed that the coffee shop was open.
There were people sitting down drinking coffee and actually enjoying life.
I was so happy that I actually cried!

Instead of heading to the waterfront, like I normally do, I veered into town.
Life was breathing back into Lagos.
After nearly 3 months of full lockdown, Portugal is finally opening up again!
Doors that have been closed for months, have flung open.
Tables are being dusted off.
People have started pouring out of hibernation and on to the streets.

Every alley held a familiar face that I haven’t seen in months.
Medical workers returning from night shifts.
Shop owners relieved to finally be seeing customers again.
Boat captains getting their vessels in order.
And the night watchman from the hostel.

He stopped me dead in my tracks.
“Can I have a hug?” he asked.
The same man who was worried about people walking the streets without masks.
The same man who thought that my bare feet would somehow absorb the disease and spread it through the hostel.
He was not the same man.

Covid has been a rollercoaster for all the world to ride.
It’s changed us in ways even we cannot ourselves comprehend.
Its ramifications and restrictions are still rippling through the air.
Just like the rest of you, I am completely sick of it.
(I don’t even know why I am writing about it right now).
But this morning I felt like I was in one of those Hollywood movies where you battle every seen and unseen zombie/vampire/dragon/tsunami/asteroid/ volcano…
Today I feel like I have survived an apocalypse.
And I hope that I have become a better person because of it.

Alright, computer work done. Now to find beer 🙂

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