Miracles come in all shapes and sizes.
But you have to open your eyes to see them.
Let go.

Believe it or not, I’ve just survived three days without a cellphone!
It turns out that my phone doesn’t enjoy swimming as much as I do.
(Even when dawn is perfection as the sun peaks out of the ocean and radiates the magnificent cliffs that add to Lagos’ magic.)

For days I haven’t known what time it is, haven’t had an alarm clock or a camera. I haven’t had the distraction of messages and calls and social media from the outside world. I’ve simply lived in the present and let life unfold.

Yes, the bow was filled with frolicking dolphins!

I may have skipped out on dinner and some party invitations, but I was perfectly positioned to leap aboard a sailing boat for an afternoon cruise.
When I bumped into friends, I caught up with them face to face.
And when I’ve gotten myself lost, I’ve simply let myself be lost.

This is a simple post because I’ve just been reminded how simple life actually is.
You only live once, enjoy it!

Ps: (a word for the non-believers) even with a full-time job – life can be enjoyed! If you’re not loving your life; either change it, or change your perspective!

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