When it’s the third time you write a blog with the same title, you know you should probably start listening to yourself!
If it’s the third time that you are reading one of these, then maybe you too have some unresolved life-grit!?
(Or you’re simply a dedicated reader. Thank you!
Mom?? Are you there? Have you found my blog yet?)

2021 disappeared in a sea of masks, nose-probs and actual ocean.
And 2022 began with isolation, snow, and uncertainty.
Oh, and there were fireworks too.

Like me, you possibly found large portions of peculiarity in the past year.
You may have set goals and forgotten about them.
Or not set goals and over-achieved simply by getting out of bed and putting pants on.
Or you may have smashed them all and carried out more feats than you had deemed possible.
Whatever sort of year you had, I hope that it was not only good – but also good for you!
That it’s grown and taught and challenged you.

I learned many lessons last year:
Why you shouldn’t surf when the beach is too crowded. (You might get your head split open)
How to feel settled staying in one place. (And how to make “settled” life exciting)
The need to deal with past traumas. (When you sit still for long enough, they tend to catch up with you)
The importance of letting go.

You have to let go of the kak to make room for the awesome.
Sometimes you even have to let go of the good to make room for the new, the better, the best.

I’ve had to let go of plans.
And of people.
And of pain.
I know that it made room for a brand-new chapter.

I’m not sure where you are at;
but maybe it’s time for you to let go of something?
What do you need to release from your life to make room for the most exceptional year?

As I have spent the last few days either sweating on the couch or soaking up the sun on my temporary balcony, there has been a lot of time to think.
What do I actually want?
What am I actually here for?
What course do I want to steer my life in?

I haven’t got all the answers yet, and while isolation has been hard, it has been a good time to clear out the cobwebs in my brain.
It’s been good to think about what things matter most to me.

And while most of my adult life has been spent chasing adventures and pushing my body to the extreme, I have realized that I have entered a new chapter.
A chapter in which I want to flow through meaningful adventures and look after my body because it is the only one that I have.
I’ve loved meeting people on my path, but I now see the value in really getting to know people well and letting them get to know me – all of me; the good and the bad.
A chapter where I am me and I simply let others be them.
When I saw unhappiness in others, I used to blame myself, and often pushed myself too hard to try and make miracles happen in gifting them joy.
Every person has their own journey.
Every person needs to find their own purpose and source of joy.
I hope to share and spread mine as far as I move, but I no longer see it as a duty for me to fulfil.

I have lied to myself so much over the years and last year was a year of coming clean.
It’s difficult to believe yourself worthy of love if you believe yourself unloveable.
It’s impossible to believe in your own strengths and talents when you constantly tell yourself that you are not good enough.
You will never find peace when you constantly set unattainable expectations and goals.

You are exactly who you are meant to be.
You are enough.
You can do great things.
Just be yourself.
And remember that you are human.

This year I want to be more human.

“By letting go, you allow everything to find its rightful place. Once free, everything finds its way home.” -Leon Brown

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