What would it take for this year to be the best year of your entire life?

An email in my junk mail folder asked me that last night. Nestled nicely between “Need a bigger penis?” and “Get juicier nipples” I almost skipped right over it!

I didn’t invest in a penis or read more about drippy nipples, but I did open Dereck Murphy’s “Hopeful Message” and get thinking.
What would it take?

I guess I can call myself blessed!
(I’ve even referred to myself as “God’s Favourite” on several occasions in the past).
My life has been paved with epic adventures and legendary people.
To formulate “The best year” is a very big call.
But definitely not impossible, even if the Wu Flu is still restricting physical movements while unrestricting bowel movements.

I chose to look at it a bit like a recipe.
As a person who has never actually followed a recipe, you must realise that there is some element of luck involved here too (make that the main ingredient.)
But throw in a good measure of laughter and good company.
Crack in plenty of sunrises and sunsets.
Pour in a good measure of ocean and water and mountains.
Mix it together with some spicy food and feel-good exercise.
And a lot of adventure.
Coated in community.
And iced with joy.
The kind of joy that has you waking up so excited that you dance your way out of bed.
(You can’t do good work without great joy).
And then doing work that makes a difference.
Making sure every day is better than the last.
Getting lost in nature.
And getting lost in love.
And getting even more lost in creative endeavours.
Baked in a tribe of people who grow together and push and challenge you daily to be a better you.

I’m not sure if you generally add hot spice to a baked iced whatever-this-is that I just created, but I’d order it, no matter the cost!
Because while money is actually sometimes useful (if you don’t eat, you die…), money should never be the determining factor for anything!

I lost my soul recently. I don’t know if it got buried in the snow in one of my many snowboarding mishaps or accidentally flushed down the toilet with the last of the corona excretions.
But I felt as bland as Primark lingerie.
Life without a soul is not a happy one (Note to self: do not sell it!)
And, like the afore-mentioned email read, I was planning to regain the honour of my soul!

A few days ago, I could take it no more and had a serious pep talk with myself.
Externally my year has been off to a fantastic start: a good job, sunshine, snowboarding, French cuisine… but every fibre of my being has been protesting.
We all know that sometimes we need to change our attitude.
I’m sure that you know to always look on the Brightside of life.
And there’s a billion other cliched expressions about changing your perspective.
And I did.
But my soul was still in protest and greater measures had to be taken. (More on this in future posts once I’ve seen the outcomes of my recent actions).

This year I plan to do ONLY things that make my soul feel alive.
And yes, there must be little dark patches of ice to skid through, battles against comfort zones and insecurities, and some difficulties to overcome to make the good times feel even better, but I want this as my only rule:
This year I will listen to my soul.

“Refusing to do a task that drains your energy without providing worthwhile benefits (in the form of beneficial life improvement) is a challenge and a triumph in itself. The terrain is rough; your backpack is full. What are you willing to leave behind?”

Well, my backpack is literally splitting at the edges! I need to leave a lot behind! And I need to leave!
It’s time to listen to that inner voice.
It’s time to regrow my soul.
It’s time to find passion and joy.
It’s time to have the best year EVER!

What about you?
What’s your recipe for the best year ever?
And what steps do you need to take to transform that recipe into a reality?

2022 may have been off to a sketchy start, but it’s far from over!
It’s time to get living!!!

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