“I did nothing today”.
Everybody sighs, your boss yells, people give you disappointing glances that tell you that they expected so much more from you.

It’s a tough world we live in where time is money and every second counts.
But there is definitely value in under-productiveness.
We spend so much time hunting down the genius thoughts that will make us millions that we never give the thoughts time to catch us.
And we are so busy emptying our To Do lists that we skip the free time that would have given us the energy and drive to tackle the day more productively!
(Or to simply illiminate the tasks that could take care of themselves. I’m one of the biggest culprits of this – I’m constantly racing from one thing to the next to save time, instead of enjoying every step of the day in its own time.)

In Valencia last week, instead of pedalling, I lay in Turia Park simply staring at the clouds.
It was meditative and energising, even if it was the dictionary definition of “Wasted time.”
Today has been similar, despite my best intentions, I’ve simply sat sipping coffee and enjoying the sunshine while the occasional flock of flamingos flutter past.
(I should add that I actually wrote this on Tuesday, but seeing as I was doing nothing that day, you get it today.)

I haven’t even reached the halfway mark and I should be pedalling like my life depends on it. I should be calculating ways to make this world better. And I should be devising goals that would prevent me from going broke.
Only I gave up on “should” a while back and I’m learning to give myself a break.
One day at a time.
A slow and steady pedal for the finish line.

It is okay to sometimes just do nothing.
The simple art that allows your body to recover and your mind to do its own decluttering.
In fact, sometimes by doing nothing, you’re even more productive than you would have been conquering mountains.

Tomorrow I will face those mountains again, but today has been well-spent by simply sitting in the sun and soaking in tranquillity.

Cycling through the mountains the day after this blog was written.

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