Mammaquatia (MAM-uh-KWAY-shee-uh)

The bobbing or jiggling of a person’s breasts when they walk, laugh, dance, or exercise.

It’s a word I learned many moons ago. Soon afterwards I invested in some hefty sports bras and forgot all about it. Life was too high-paced to have any jiggling bits or foolishness… But it’s something I underestimated the importance of in life!

Why we try to force our beautifully handcrafted bodies into modern technology, I’m starting to question. Most of us have forgotten about the simple pleasures in life and have jumped into societal slip-streams that are leading us to places we never intended to go to. Today I’m changing my ways and stepping up to make a change and break free from the “should”, “woulds” and “coulds” of life. I’m tired of talking and dreaming. I’m ready to do. And I want to drag you with me!

I’ve lugged so many hopes and dreams with me hoping that they will somehow manifest themselves into reality. I’ve been too scared to verbalise them because I don’t want to jinx them. Everyone else has always seemed to be doing so much better at the whole life thing than I have, so I have bit my tongue for so long that it now hurts. And now I need to yell it: “LIVE! LOVE! LAUGH! DO MORE STUPID THINGS! MAKE MORE MISTAKES! HAVE MORE FUN!”

Life is a gift, it was not meant to be dull, mundane or constricted!

Spend a day naked. Hug strangers. Dance on your balcony. Pluck a hair off the chest of a Viking… whatever you need to do to feel alive, do that thing. Life is short, and it’s meant to be exciting.

Yes, the world can be a dangerous place. But if you are afraid of everything you won’t ever live. Do all those things that you are most afraid of (except if they might actually kill you, you’re not ready to die). And once you have conquered your fears, push your limits even more.

I’m launching a new project called “Mammaquatia” [Watch this space and follow Mamma_Quatia on Instagram while you wait] because I want to take the first steps towards making some changes in this world. I want to fully live, and I want the people around me to do the same!!!

We have made our existences too safe, too structured, too constrained, and too boring. Let it all hang out. Laugh until your belly hurts and then some more! Mammaquatia is the first steps we need in the art of joy.

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Stefan · August 11, 2022 at 11:40 am

No wonder you took to Rebecca, she embodies Mammaquatia and always has 🙂
– Stefan

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