Who didn’t want to be a superhero when they were a kid?

None of us had great aspirations to merely exist. None of us grew up dreaming of a nine to five in a crappy office doing things we hate. None of us planned to fill our free time with Netflix. (But that could also be because Netflix didn’t exist when we were kids). None of us dreamed of mundane routines, house cleaning and laundry. As a kid, we believed that all things were possible and dreamed about doing those things. As grown up as we pretend to be, there will always be that screaming kid inside trying to remind us to do great exploits.

Looking back ten or sixty years, who did you dream of being? What did you dream of becoming? And are you that person today? Or do you need to have a little pep talk with that inner child?

I’ve been asking myself difficult questions lately. Like what kind of superpowers I would most like to channel. I’d love to transcend time and be able to fly. Other people want to be able to teleport and have superspeed and mind-reading powers. My friend Margarida wants to have invisibility. I told her that was easy, some days I decide to be invisible and it really works. She turned to me and said the same about my dreams.

To transcend time, you have to remember it’s not fixed, it’s a human creation. By taking time to do the things we want, we normally find the things that we have to do fall straight into place too. Dodge bullets as they come. Stop over-thinking and over-hypothesising and fretting the logistics of things that will all be just fine, especially if we forget about time.

Flying is easy these days. You simply have to take a leap with a parachute or a kite or go paragliding. Almost every day, humans are finding new ways to fly.

The same goes with walking on water.

Go out of your way to do nice things for strangers. And for friends. And especially for yourself.

Push all of life’s limits.

Believe that all things are possible.
Believe you can fly.

It won’t always be easy. Make sure you know what your kryptonite is and work out how to avoid and overcome that.

In a world that’s going crazy, the call has never been stronger to stand up and channel your inner superhero.

For more tips and tricks on being a superhero, I strongly suggest you get off your computer or phone and get living.

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