Aspiring author? World-famous cattle wrangler or astronaut? Or simply an average Jane with a story you need to tell? This is written for all of you. And mostly for me. Instead of seeing the mammoth Everest looming in front of us, needing to be conquered, I have simplified “the impossible” into a few easy steps.

Here you have it: How to write an award-winning novel in 17 easy(ish) steps.

1) Get an IDEA

Ideas normally come when you leave your comfort zone. Do what you need to to find “that thing”. (Even if it means wearing shoes).


2) Talk about it for ages so everyone knows you are writing a book about IDEA. This way they will keep asking you about it and pestering you to finish it.

Make sure everybody dreams about holding your book about IDEA in their hands. (Or feet).

3) Adopt an accountability buddy who will not only kick your ass but make your writing sessions enjoyable.

Meet Annie. Future best-selling author.

4) Write

5) Write some more.

6) Don’t stop writing. Make it an addiction.

Add caffiene, wine, or cake (or all three) to help sweeten the addiction.

7) Agree to some ridiculous terms where there are high stakes and the person to publish last will suffer.

Watch out Annie, your book tour is going to be ridiculous!!!

8) Finish the first draft.

Celebrate accordingly.

9) Proofread.

10) Edit.

11) Finish the second/third/ 98th draft.

12) Proofread.

13) Get someone else to edit your manuscript.

(Anybody know of a good affordable editor???)

14) Drink some wine to brace yourself for all the feedback coming your way (positive and negative).

15) Edit the edit.

16) Drink more wine.

(Coffee works too)

17) Publish.

While I am still in denial about my first book, I am taking small steps to acknowledge it (wine helps). The second one is coming soon! And I know that it is going to be GREAT!


It’s time for you to write that book and give it to the world! Jesus turned water into wine. You can turn that IDEA into a book!

(Please note that this is simply a hypothesis and still needs to be tested. If you do try it, please share your results for the greater good. Authors everywhere need your help. The world needs more excellent stories. )

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