“All good things are wild and free!”

We feel sorry for the animals in the zoo and the whales in the aquariums, but then we go and put ourselves in cages. Little prison cells of societal norms and pristine hairstyles.

We act civilized. We cultivate ruts. We go through all the motions of all the routines.
Our hearts beat dull rhythms.
We forget that we are alive.

“What are your goals for the week?”
I have an accountability group and the answers to this question are not to be taken lightly.
Normally I have to think carefully about the answers, but, by the 24th of October, I knew exactly what I wanted for the week. I replied:
“To run wild.”

That’s what October was. A whole month of running wild.
I felt a bit uncomfortable dancing on a table on the first. But by the 31st, I couldn’t care less that I had half a tree in my hair and mismatching shoes on my feet.
The hard things that I had made myself do at the end of September became easy in October because I gave my mind the month off and took life up a few thousand revs.

I started dance classes. And found any excuse to dance anywhere I went. Customers smile more when the staff is dancing. And cars are less likely to hit you when you dance on the zebra crossing.

It was a rainy month. But life is so much better closer to the water. And puddles were made for jumping in.

The air was colder, but the ocean was warm and almost every day it was surfed, swum in, or cliff jumped into.

If I had a thought or impulse, I acted on it immediately. I made a lot of mistakes. But that’s how we learn. And perfect is boring.

The answer to every question was “Yes.” And if it was a more complicated question, I used a magic eight ball.

My life was flooded by legendary people and adventures and dancing. There was so much dancing!

Change the music. Change your tempo. Dance. Do things you normally wouldn’t. Let your heart beat strong. Be you. Be wild.

My body is exhausted. My mind is still floating on some distant horizon. My soul is soaring. And my bedroom is a mess!
October was a blur. But it has nothing when compared to what November will be!

They say that all good things are wild and free. I don’t know who “they” are. But I’m pretty sure they may be right.

(Most of these are old pictures… October was a bit too awesome to document)

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