What if all things really were possible? What would you be doing? And where? Would your life resemble anything close to what it looks like now?

It recently hit me like a brick in the head that life can be anything that you want it to be. Yes, there are limitations like time and money, but those are man-made constructs and nothing to take too seriously.

What is your biggest dream? What did the little younger all-things-is-possible version of you say you should be doing with your life? Should you be a ballet dancer? Or a stunts person? A fire [wo]man? A pirate? It is not too late – ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

(There are so many questions listed here, but really mull them over. I don’t think that we were created to simply accept the life we are presented with.)

I recently completed a 21 days of abundance challenge. And while there was a lot of chanting and humming, there was also a lot of energy that went in to seriously thinking about what it is in life I really want. I have to admit that for the greater part of my life I have been limiting dreams because I have looked at the logistics and decided that “it” was impossible instead of seeing opportunities to do the impossible.

In January I sat and reflected on 2022 and made some goals and intentions for 2023. The final task in my goal-setting workbook was to label the year with one word. I chose “Abundance.”
It took me a long time to learn that I will always have enough, but abundance is next level stuff. This is that whole having your cake and eating it kind of stuff. And I am talking a good cake here – gourmet! I really am so tired of living in survival mode. Life is short, it needs to be lived to the full!

And so, seeing as this is the year of abundance, I have taken a few drastic steps to leave the excellent life I live in order to thrive in a better one. I resigned from my job, bought a bunch of new things to make life easier and give me more freedom. And now I am sat on the drawing board, calculating how I get from here to where I want me to be.

Most of my friends, family, and managers asked me why I resigned when I hadn’t exactly worked out what I was doing next. The truth is that while you have a safety net under you, you rarely do things with full conviction because you give yourself the opportunity to fall. And while I loved my job at a local surf shop (it was the longest job I have had in my life) I have a sense that I need to be doing something that puts my full skill set to use. When people live their purpose, there is no stopping them. I need to be unstoppable! (Otherwise, I will hit the first speed-hump and go running back to my comfort cave).

It is often said that if you believe things hard enough, you can manifest them into happening. But do you really believe that? Have you experienced it for yourself? What do you know, without any shadow of any doubt that you have to do? Are you doing it?

This is a both a blog for me to remind myself of my new manifestation and a call to join the mission. What the world needs most is people who are fully alive. Let’s do our part to change the world!

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