Is it just me, or has the world gone mad??
How have we morphed into these creatures that slightly resemble a noble race once called “humans”?
We march in lines and follow orders and trends like there’s a gun pointed at our heads.
Life has become a series of motions.
Feelings hurt; we have turned off the emotions.

Have we forgotten who we are?

Throwback to humanity a few centuries ago:
We were adventures and explorers and inventors and wild.
Yes, there was a lot of dark and vulgar and deplorable behaviour in the world back then, but at least we dreamed and discovered and hunted and lived.
We may have been pretty savage, but there was life pulsing through us!

Fast forward to the present:
We live in societies where we get told what to think and do, how to dress.
We follow trends and are more connected to the technology that is meant to enhance our lives than the humans who are breathing next to us!

“But I only eat ORGANIC.”
Great! You are a “mindful” person, you are paying attention to what you put into your mouth and stomach.
What about the rest of you?
What is your mind really full of?
What are you feeding your mind and your soul?
And who told you that you needed to do that?

(Definition from Oxford Languages)
1. Relating to or derived from living matter.
“Organic soils”
Similar: living, live, animate, biological, natural, biotic

Great word, yes. Great concept. (And don’t get me wrong here, I do love and support organic food) But… But do we actually remember what “organic” means? Do we meet people organically? Or is that all done through apps? Do we have organic and original thoughts, or do we simply ask chat GPT to tell us what to think or do about any and everything? Do we follow fashions trends or simply dress for comfort and our own style? Do we follow the systems we have imprisoned ourselves in because they enhance our lives and create community? Or do we simply accept them because that is what “adults” do?

As someone who has lived out of the system for many years, I am still trying to understand it.
I can see the comforts and security that come from having a steady income and social security and insurance and retirement annuities.
I appreciate that you want the best for your children and that you have bills and mortgages to pay.
But are you learning and growing and fully living in the roles you currently play on the stage of life?
Or, if you were to step away from all the safety nets, are you capable of so much more?
Are you waiting for retirement for your life to truly start?

Should we question things more?
Should we push limits within ourselves?
Should we dare to live life without the algorithms?
Should we dare to live our dreams?
Should we become human again?

I am very grateful that “society” makes murder and pillaging and looting… illegal.
I appreciate how technology actually can aid and help our life.
I appreciate the community that lives and breathes inside my current society.
But I still believe that we are capable of so much more!

It doesn’t take much to change our lives. We simply have to turn that key that’s in our mind’s ignition on. And then use the beautiful brain we have. And listen to the other brain in our gut too. Our instincts often tell us exactly what we need to do.
And then we need to take that next step and turn our emotions back on and stop being numb!

If you want things to be “f*#king organic” maybe you should start by being the same.

(Just a late-night thought on a sleepless full-ish moon night. Use it. Don’t use it. But either way, I am curious about your thoughts!)

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