Last week’s sailing trip

What if I told you that your life could look exactly like you want it to look?
You can live wherever you want to live. Earn whatever you want to earn. And do whatever you want to do. And the best part, you can be whoever you want to be!

I know all this because over the last few weeks [almost] every on-line seminar and workshop I have attended has tried to sell me something using this as the hook. And from all the time I have invested, I have learned a lot! But mostly I have learned that I hate marketing and definitely don’t want to make a living out of selling people things they don’t need! I don’t want to resell products made in China. I will probably never have best-selling books because I am not willing to spam every person I have ever met with pleas for reviews. I have learned that social media can convince people of anything (as long as you are willing to pay for ads). And I have also learned that I am not a big fan of the internet, no matter how useful it is.

This week’s balcony motivation

But my opening statement was not a joke! I really believe it! I mean, not every day can be perfect, but that is because life is an adventure. And, by definition, that involves some daring and risky behaviour. It also involves stepping out of your comfort zone, you know, “doing hard things”.

When was the last time you tried something new?
Whether it be a recipe or a job or even a new gait.
How did you find the experience? What did you learn?

This is mum glowing in the light of Portuguese adventures

I have been doing some on-line training because, while I know what I want, I have been trying to work out how to get it and have been seeking new ideas to earn the money I need to afford it. (Buying a boat is not cheap. And the upkeep even less so. And don’t get me started on the costs of setting up an adventure centre [sweat dripping off my brow]). Only, for me, the internet has never been my answer so I think we shall remain acquaintances rather than become friends.

For me, “new things”, totally out of my comfort zone, include: Staying in one place. Trying to find new adventures while staying in one place. And trying not to run away when things get uncomfortable. Right now, the call to escape is loud!

The sun shining out of my ear

My whole life I have questioned why people choose the path they are on. And I have wondered if it is really the one that they want to be on.
I have often wished that I were a person who could be happy with what “they” call a “normal” life. I mean, if I had simply settled into a career and a country a decade ago, I might now have a life that “they” call “successful.”
Fortunately, I am me. And my path has been filled with random leaps instead of steps. And those leaps have danced me around the planet for over a decade. It has been one heaven of an adventure and pushed every limit I thought I had.

My first European cycle trip.

How do you feel after you have pushed your limits?
Are you tired and worn out? Or do you feel invigorated and alive? If you can’t even answer the limit question, do you think that maybe it is time to do some pushing?

I’m writing this Blog today, because I feel like I have hit another limit and I need to read this. It’s been months since I wrote a blog and the idea of it was driving me crazy! Yes, I have celebrated radical love at Boom festival and even more radical love celebrating my brother and his [now] wife’s wedding in Italy. I have had adventures through southern Europe with my mum. And I recently learned how not to _____________(censored information) but I needed to write more of a kick in the butt kind of Blog. For me.

Lagos summer party.

Life is an adventure, no matter where you are and what you are doing. And if it stops feeling that way, you probably need to do something drastic to change it. (Preaching to myself here!)
We can have the lives we want, but it is not necessarily an easy path that we need to conquer to get there. I challenge you to challenge and question yourself about what you really want in life, and then go and get those things! I believe in you!

As much as I have bad-mouthed the internet, I may not adhere to all the book marketing training I went through. (Although I will finish my next book soon). And I may have early exited all the rigmarole of “get rich on-line” workshops and seminars. But I will finish my Adventure Therapy training. It is something the world needs (me included). And then I will continue learning by getting my hands dirty and pushing life’s limits (off the internet). If you need help doing the same, please get in touch (Even if it is through the internet :)!

Yesterday’s random cycle adventure.

It’s time to feel alive again. It’s time to fully live. It’s time to live our dreams. It’s time for adventure!

I have a random quote scribbled in the back of my current diary. I don’t know who it’s from (and no, I could not find it on the internet either :), but I shall end with this:
“The day you dare to do what ‘makes no sense’ is the day your life begins.”

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