We want to remind you to live a lot!!!
Life is short! Go Adventure!

Tired of mundane routine, of traffic jams, and of shoes;

I gave up my regular routines,

adopted a backpack and an anything goes philosophy,

and began life as a Part Time Professional Gypsy (PTPG):


A life where you never know what could possibly happen next….

A life where you never know exactly what it is you’re eating…

A life where you never know where or when your next shower will be…

A life full of stars and goats and smiles and adventures.

A life of epicness.


I left my African homelands in June 2007 for a three month trip

I’m still on the same adventure.


Without much choice in the matter, Teddy became my trusty side-kick in 2011 when I fled Australia. He still wishes it was a little girl, living in a pretty house with a white picket fence, who picked him off the shelf. But he does make an excellent pillow.

To date we have survived the makings of many a nightmary horror film.

(shipwrecks • pirates • psychopathic hitch hikes • and then some)

But we’re still alive.
Still happy.
Still exploring this beautiful planet!


We do not believe in shoes, growing up, routine, or Santa Clause – in that order.