Stop existing & start living!
Life is short! Go ADVENTURE!

Tired of mundane routine, of traffic jams, and of shoes;

I gave up my regular routines,

adopted a backpack and an anything-goes philosophy,

and began life as a Part-Time Professional Gypsy (PTPG):


A life where you never know what could possibly happen next.

A life where you never know exactly what it is that you’re eating.

A life where you never know where or when your next shower will be.

A life filled with stars and goats and smiles and adventures.

A life flooded by epic!

I left my South African homelands in June 2007 for a three-month trip

I’m still on the same adventure.


Without much choice in the matter, Teddy became my trusty side-kick in 2011 when I fled Australia.

Weighing in at just over 2 kg, he tends to be a bit of a dead-weight, but he does make an excellent pillow.

Together we have mastered the art of hitch-hiking (well over 39 597 km),
We have learned how to sail across oceans (More than 103 220.51 km)
And if all else fails (or when we feel like a real adventure), we cycle (At least 15 727 km)

We have lost track of how many countries we have visited.

To date, we have survived a shipwreck, pirates, being stuck at sea without cooking gas or rigging.
We have endured psychopathic hitchhikes with bad drivers, drunk drivers, and drivers that planned to sell us (yes, we survived these too).
We have fallen off mountains and into volcanoes.

We have had run-ins with sharks and snakes and lions and spiders and dragons
But we’re still alive.
Still happy.
Still exploring this beautiful planet!

We do not believe in shoes, growing up, routine, or Santa Clause – in that order.

We want you to learn from our mistakes as much as our successes!
And we hope to inspire you to ADVENTURE more!