How do you end up adrift on the Pacific? And survive pirates? How do you accidentally cycle across a continent? Why didn’t you listen to your mother when she taught you not to hitchhike?

Forced to watch all 64 games of the 2010 World Cup, ADEENA needs to up her interest levels and swears to flightlessly travel to whichever country wins. Surviving that much soccer seemed an unfathomable feat, but the journey that lay ahead was even more unprecedented!

First We Ate Your Wife is a harrowingly accurate account of an impromptu voyage from Australia to Spain (or thereabouts). Joined by an assortment of colourful characters and a giant teddy bear; it’s an expedition into the absurd. A tale of shipwrecks, dog attacks and survival; spiced with love and other perilous endeavours.

In over a decade on the road, Adeena (also known as the “Bearfoot Gypsy”) has filled more than her quota of travel “catastrophes”. Beyond all expectations, she has endured them all and assembled the whole world into a single book.


Paperback (supposedly worldwide distribution but evidently not. If they try and charge you an exorbitant rate, don’t pay it – they get rich, not this gypsy :).


PDF Version


“If giving up is not a choice, there is no point in looking back. As the basis of existence was shrinking on board, the collaboration between two souls became essential for survival. The journey I shared with Adeena was by far the most humbling and astonishing trip of my life. It was a crossfire of impediments and catastrophes but also magical wonders and love. I could not have wished to share it with anyone else than her.” – Karl-Oskar

Finally reaching land after [miraculously] surviving the wrath of Neptune.

“When I first met Adeena she was walking around barefoot in a Hanoi nightclub and trying to convince fellow backpackers to hitchhike with her… If anyone was crazy enough to walk around Hanoi without footwear they must also be crazy enough to attempt to ride a bicycle over the Annamese Mountains into Laos.” – Rohan Ahmad

“This girl! She knew me for only a day, but when I got lost somewhere in Kuala Lumpur in the middle of the night, instead of leaving me behind and partying like everyone else, she had been walking around the streets showing my pictures to strangers and asking them “have you seen my blonde friend?”. At this moment I knew I could rely on her and I wasn’t wrong! Later on, during our many adventures, she made me the best life vest ever seen and proved herself to be a great entertainer as she kept me going while we were swimming for our life and I almost gave up.” – Helena Kubátová

The ecstasy of reaching a deserted island, after shipwrecking and swimming for our lives!