The Power of Thumb

“May your child be born with a perforated anus…” yes, this is China [I’m pretty sure of it!] and even the profanities are arbitrary. And it’s confusing enough just traipsing through the country without throwing [the yet to be invented in these parts] hitch hiking into the equation – but Read more…

By Bearfoot Gypsy, ago

Willfully Delayed

I was dreading the return to the bike. More butt aching agony, and hopeless hills and I’d be back in the middle of nowhere where I’d be hanging out with snakes and rodents and smiley people with whom there’d be no understanding apart from hand actionings and happiness – every Read more…

By Bearfoot Gypsy, ago

What’s Next??

So what’s next?? I’m clueless – stumped – bewildered and desperately in need of motivation, inspiration, and challengisation. And for this I need you… yes, that’s right – YOU! Come Thursday I’ll have my Chinese visa and be free to rome the world and move onwards – but I have Read more…

By Bearfoot Gypsy, ago