“You can’t die if you have travel insurance”
– Me; my first adventure, 2007.
(After I fell into a volcano and managed to snag myself on the only vegetation growing on the rim.)
I was lucky. I normally am.
But since then I have ALWAYS made sure I’m covered.

Shipwrecking on the way to Thailand.

As a gypsy, doing multi-year adventures in remote areas of the globe,
I really never know what to expect and always end up in some sort of sticky situation
and multiple shoulder brushes with the grim reaper.
Things do and will go wrong!
Generally when you least expect them!
Even when you play it safe.

The last thing you want to worry about when you’re living adventure;
is the practicalities of something going wrong.
Travel insurance gives me the peace of mind to know that IF something does go horribly wrong;
it won’t be my family forking out billions to get me outta there!

Stranded on a deserted Island. (Malaysia, we think.)

After five years of near calls, but never claiming,
I almost left South Africa without travel insurance in 2013.
But in the 25th hour (after we had already been stamped out of the country)
I took out yet another year policy.
My crew mocked me and told me I was wasting my money,
But when we were pirated off the coast of Brazil,
And had everything stolen from us
(electronics, navigation equipment, food, clothes, jewelry, and even my tampons)
I was the only one who managed to get something back…

Three flat tyres at the same time after spinning the car and slicing them open on a sharp rock. (Mongolia)

I’ve watched plenty of people break arms and legs.
I’ve admitted dozens of travelers to hospital.
So far, apart from breaking my hip [touch wood] I’ve been pretty lucky;
But I’m not joking when I say that:
“If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!”

Plan for the worst, hope for the best;
Let travel insurance cover the rest!
(Medical emergencies, Delays, Lost luggage, Missed departures, Credit card fraud, Personal Liability, Emergency evacuations, Life…)

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