“I’ll move to whichever country wins the world cup”

That was June and even I thought I was joking.
But with a one-way ticket in my hand I’m beginning to believe it.

Being an indecisive gypsy, I thought the 32 Soccer World Cup country toss up a far better alternative to my regular coin toss.
Obviously, I willed the Netherlands to win, but back then it was anyone’s game: even North Korea – Nigeria – Australia…
And as that final whistle blew and my team lost [*sigh*] on 11 July 2010, I had only one goal in mind – Spain land.

My World Cup contract morphed into a full-time position and kept me African a little while longer, but come December 1st – My first day as a 26-year-old [un]grownup – I’ll be bringing gypsy back.

First stop Perth, Western Australia.

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