Americans. They scare me a little. But that’s normal… right?? So, when my phone rang and the elderly American couple asked: “Are you still looking for a ride to Melbourne then?” I was pretty unprepared. I panicked, hyperventilated and said I’d call back.

I was looking for a ride. Or at least I think I was [I generally am confused at all times about what exactly I’m doing.] But I didn’t know where I wanted to go to from the lovely Adelaide or when or how… normally the biggest challenges in a gypsy’s day are working out what to have for lunch. I was ill-prepared.

I returned the call. I accepted. It was set to be a five-day trip to Melbourne in a rental car. By the description, it sounded like five days of fine dining and luxury hotels. It sounded terrifying.

I packed my bag and bid farewell to the Homette (soon to be a great hostel in all of Adelaide – ask for Shane) and O-bahned (the must-do transport experience in Adelaide) into the city thinking that I really should have taken the time to call mum and write a will before heading off on this daunting new adventure.

I walked and walked and walked a little more and took a deep breath. There they were – Nils and Hannah and our Hyundai Getz.

My elderly Americans… The friendly sort…
Little Getzy – our noble steed…
But as it turns out they were German. I should have seen it coming; the whole world seems to be turning German these days. Also instead of the 60-somethings I’d anticipated they turned out to be 30ishers. Fortunately, I was not alone – they’d conned Dutch Max into coming too. The 4 of us squished into the teeny two-doored car with our massive backpacks – it made us closest companions immediately!
Nils (left) and Hannah (Right) – my friendly not-Americans and cheese and more cheese and olives
Nils and Max in the Grampians

We drove. We drove. And drove a little further. Almost half an hour down the road we reached the Maclarenvale wineries and the wine tasting began.

Maclarenvale wineries
More of Maclarenvale

I can’t possibly imagine a better road trip to Melbourne – Great food, great wine, great company, great experiences… the Great Ocean Road, the Grampians, white kangaroos, dead kangaroos, a billion beautiful beaches and lots of lamas. How do you beat lamas?

White kangaroo at Border Town, Victoria
One of the many lamas in Port Fairy
The German way of dealing with mosquitoes.
Griffiths Island
The start of the Great ocean road


12(ish) apostles


The moral of the story here – and you should take this to heart – don’t be afraid of Americans. Even if they’re not Americans.



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