It may be unfair to judge a city purely by its toilets – but for some – with all the crap they have going on in them – the toilets really are just about the best thing they have!
Melbourne’s toilets alone were almost enough to get me to “settle down”, find a job and become a real person… almost… My first night out in the city led me to some remarkable findings:




And if the artsy toilets weren’t enough to sway me, the community syringe disposal units that even family-friendly bathrooms possessed ensured that I knew it was an exciting city full of colourful people!
Combining the toilets with the architecture, the music scene, the nightlife, the buskers, the cafe’s and the friendly hobos, I really can recommend a visit, a live, and definitely a wee or two… If I wasn’t a full-blown gypsy I might well be there still! The world is full of crappy cities – Melbourne is not one of them!

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