It was a bright and sunshiny Sunday evening. The pizza was
ordered, the black label drafts were flowing… across from us sat a man with far
too much butt crack showing, but the alternative views were Cape Town traffic
or the smoking mob of under-agers out the back. It was the perfect setting for
an epiphany. They always come when you least expect them.
I’m no exactly sure how you take five and a half years of
random gypsyism and turn it into an exciting income generating backdrop. I can’t
really remember all that much from varsity days and I’ve been out of touch with
the real world for so long that I’m not sure I can return to a former type of
employment. My major skills are falling, licking things, not dying, and
generating random meaningless conversation with strangers. My CV has gaps. But
this year I will make a million bucks. Or at least that’s the New Year’s
I’m nearing 500 days of absolutely no income (and proud of
it) – it’s the perfect foundation for my quest.
Minimum wage comes to about R26 000 a year – which is only
R974 000 short. If I sell everything I own and my second kidney I can probably
push that up to R27 400 so it looks like I’m going to have to be getting crazy
creative on this endeavor!
I’ve looked at the figures and will probably rule out cake
sales and begging at the robots (traffic lights) but to succeed, it’s going to
take every other sort of everything. I’ve decided to make Cape Town my base and
also decided that I’d prefer not to be arrested, lose my soul, or die – but everything
else goes.
I have no idea who ever takes the time to read these blog
posts (if anyone) – but if you (whoever you may be) have any suggestions,
please send them my way – I will give them a shot!
I tried really hard to make New Year’s resolutions this
year. But I’m a goal orientated person… I need them.  And that’s why this is the year I become a
Could this be how I make my millions…??

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