Somebody recently pointed out
that I turn 30 next year, and subconsciously I started preparing myself for my
impending demise…
Come 30 I even thought my licking days would have to be over…

And then, two Thursdays ago,
my phone rang – a family member had died. So I sucked in my fear of flying, hopped
on a plane, bought some shoes (so I could be a respectable pole bearer), and touched
down in Joburg.
My last living memory of Aunty Alta
Aunty Alta was the tiniest
person I’ve ever know, but she had the biggest heart! And, while it was sad to
have lost a Grandma, her death led me to meet our newest family member and to
see family I had not seen in years, it led me to meet my tiny godkid, to see
friends, to three days of solid reunions, and tears, and hugs. Her life and death
reminded me what it really means to live.
The cousin and his new family
Meeting little Cuan, my tiny nephew
My little godkid to be – Dandelion (aka Zoe; the one on the left)
Back in Cape Town, after
sharing the oldest cab in Cape Town with a random stranger, I went for a run
and saw a man in his late 80s playing rugby with some 8 or 14 year old boys. I
stopped and stared. They all had the biggest smiles on their faces and it
suddenly hit home – it really doesn’t matter how old you are – life’s what you
make it. And for most of us, life’s only just beginning!
My first ever shared cab… and the nicest driver too to mark the occasion
After 7 days of solid
partying, good music, amazing food, weird coincidences, and something o’clock
in the morning bed times; I took a night off and dug out my old bucket list. I
sat down and actually thought about the things I’d love to accomplish in my
life. While the list is probably too long to accomplish in this life time [and
still needs to be worked on – I’m completely open to suggestions and accomplices]
– there’s only one way to find out.

After taking out the things I’ve
already achieved, this is what remains [in no particular order]:
  1. Drink
    a beer in every country in the world
  2. Start
    an empire
  3. Get
    a criminal record for something epic (age 80+ – think streaking at a international
    sports game type thing)
  4. Accidently discover a cure for a major disease
  5. Taxidermise
    a pet
  6. Add
    a word to the oxford dictionary
  7. Survive
    a plane crash
  8. Swim
    the English channel and//or northern sea
  9. Write
    and publish a book on why Speedos should never be worn
  10. Write
    and publish a travel novel
  11. Win
    a noble prize
  12. Live
    on a deserted island
  13. Grow
    a beard
  14. Cook
    and eat road kill
  15. Bake
    a cake taller than my shortest friend
  16. Climb
  17. Make
    a feature film
  18. Climb
    Manchu Pichu
  19. Find
    ‘the one’
  20. Elope/
    get married
  21. Have
  22. Legally
    give one kid a truly ridiculous name
  23. Survive
    a month without a shower
  24. Run
    a marathon
  25. Death
    road in Bolivia
  26. Reunite
    Butt Mullet (world’s most underappreciated lyrically deviant band) for a
    reunion gig
  27. Travel
    to a distant country just for dinner
  28. Cycle
    the Cape Epic
  29. Buy
    a camel // lama // goat
  30. Complete
    a week long [spiritual?] pilgrimage barefoot
  31. Cycle
    across a continent
  32. Lick
    the statue of liberty
  33. Defy
  34. Participate
    in Carnival in Rio
  35. Do
    the splits
  36. Join
    a nudist colony for the day
  37. Raft
    through the grand canyon
  38. October
    Fest in Munich
  39. Heliski
  40. Finish
    2 pork knuckles (eisbeins) in one sitting
  41. Be
    a mermaid
  42. Visit
    the Aral sea
  43. Leave
    my ‘mark’ on at least 7 world wonders
  44. Own
    my own homey home
  45. Travel
    in a hot air balloon for an extended distance
  46. Lasso
    a cow
  47. Climb
    a pyramid
  48. Organize
    a rock band to crash a Justin Beiber/ Celine Dion concert
  49. Get
    a random tattoo chosen by a stranger
  50. Lick
    a porcupine
  51. Patent
    something [preferably something awesome]
  52. Complete
    a half iron man
  53. Swim
    the golden mile
  54. Tame
    a wild animal and make it my pet
  55. TP
    a national monument
  56. Sheer
    a sheep and turn it into dashboard fluff
  57. Get
    someone else to add this task to my list
  58. Smash
    a guitar rock star style
  59. Pick
    up at least 17 hitch hikers in an abnormally small car
  60. Set
    a Guinness world record
  61. Fly
    a helicopter
  62. Travel
    over land and sea (ie: flightless travel) from Australia to Spain
  63. Walk
    across a country
  64. Never
    be in debt
  65. Transiberian
  66. Cross
    the Bearing sea between Russia and Alaska
  67. Marry
    two people
  68. Skinny
    dip in every ocean
  69. Learn
    how to play guitar
  70. Swim
    in a pool of money
  71. Throw
    a handgranade
  72. Finish
    the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  73. Write
    a song and actually sing it to people
  74. Learn
    a third language
  75. Learn
    a fourth language
  76. Get
    my dive license
  77. Bungee
  78. See
    the northern lights
  79. Motorbike
    across south America
  80. Kite
  81. Great
    barrier reef
  82. Pirate
    swing from one boat to another to commandeer a cup of tea and some cake
  83. Mug
    a hobo
  84. Orchestrate
    a mass burning of evil pop music CDs
  85. Running
    of the bulls
  86. Moon
    a president
  87. Submerge
    in a submarine
  88. Lick
    a president/ royal
  89. Tell
    someone the entire story of my life sparing no details
  90. Break
    out of prison
  91. Build
    and live in an igloo for as long as weather permits
  92. Live
    to be 100
  93. Hike
    the whole coast of RSA
  94. Open
    a backpackers hostel
  95. Own
    a bar
  96. Drive
    a monster truck over a car
  97. Travel
    on an iceberg
  98. Never
    have a 9-5 job
  99. Win
    a major competition
  100. Own
    my own boat
  101. Find
    and eat the world’s hottest chilli
  102. Do
    a Mexican wave in Mexico
  103. Cycle
    from Norway to Cape Town (or vv)

 You only have one life…  Make sure you love it!

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