Yes, it’ the sequel… It’s time to finish what was started…My old friend, Unemployment, has returned to me and it’s now or never (so obviously it’s now).
Back in 2010, when my Soccer World Cup contract had me
forced to watch all 64 games (and I don’t like soccer all that much), I
tried to keep it interesting- I said (and I am a woman of my word) “I’ll start
in Australia (because there was no possible way they would win) and travel over
land and sea to whatever country wins the World Cup.”
Soccer World Cup, RSA, 2010
In 2010 I flew to Perth, Australia, and the journey began. I
hitched, I cycled, I acquired a giant teddy bear, I motor biked, I hiked, I constructed a boat – shipwrecked –
swam, stowed away on a freight ship, sailed, and then in December last year I
found myself back where I started; washed up on South African soil. 
World’s dirtiest travelling bear at “birth” and 6 months…
Hitching China
Cycling across South Eat Asia
Motorbiking Vietnam
We built, we sailed, we shipwrecked 
My former crew aboard S/V Fiddler
Because I’m
only a Part Time Professional Gypsy (PTPG), I took on the first real job of my
life managing an adventure park (
– you should visit it) and then on Sunday, I handed over my responsibilities, left
my amazing team behind, and officially resumed my mission.
I’ve packed up my life, said some goodbyes, had a most
amazing Braai Day in Summerset West, and tonight I jump on a bus to Port
Elizabeth where I hop on a yacht with a bunch of 60 year olds I’ve never met… 
Their destination: Spain.
Tonight I become a gypsy again. Tomorrow I meet my crew and remember
how bad sea sickness is. By December this mission may be complete… but whatever
happens, it’s time to lick, live and be awesome! I hope you’re doing likewise!

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