The first full crew photo
Imagine a land where everyone drives a Ford Escourt… A land
thousands of miles away from the real world… A land where alcohol is everywhere
and food is scarce… A land where seat belts aren’t compulsory [because the
roads are so windy you can never go faster than 20 anyway]… A land where everyone’s
a Saint, and missing a few teeth – Imagine the most extraordinary place on
…It exists…
…that’s right, Saint Helena – 1750 miles from South Africa;
1812 miles from Brazil; A million miles from reality… With a population of 3
donkey, 4 cats, 9 motorbikes, 4000 people, and 17 000 Ford Escourts.
Saint Helena has only ever had two celebrities – the infamous
Napolean (who even in his death gave us a hard time by not letting us into his
house) and Jonathan: The oldest living land animal (179 years). I’m proud to say
I licked the latter (in only a semi illegal stint that was done just in front
of the governors house…)

Saint Helena’s a lovely place where the volcanic terrain
changes around every bend; but it’s not the sort of place you’d want to be
stuck in for too long… don’t get me wrong, the locals are all lovely, the
smiles are massive (even if you can’t understand a word of what anyone’s
saying), but 122 square km only keeps you entertained for so long… The only way
in and out of the island is on the monthly Royal Mail service ship – so definitely
give it a visit; but make sure you don’t miss the boat!
Teddy, trying to keep up with the locals

The winding roads

Black volcanic beach (Sandy Bay)


On top of the 699 steps of Jacob’s Ladder

Mr Ferry Man (He starts work at 3:30 am but won’t pick you up before 9…)

The amazed faces of all who visit the most extraordinary place on earth (Especially when the Sharks win the Currie Cup)

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