Remember that blissful time you used to have a job?
When you used to wake up in the morning, drag yourself out of bed;
Do a few hours of whatever your boss wanted,
Have a lunch break.
And then you went home. At a set time.
And you got paid… in actual money.
You probably questioned what you were wasting your life on.
But everyone else gave you that nod of approval all upstanding bread-winners deserve.

Celebrating October Fest in Leiden

“For someone who doesn’t have a job, you’re ridiculously busy!”
– My friends mock.
But being a gypsy is a fulltime job.
And it doesn’t matter what other people think;
You’ve got to prove to yourself that you’re not wasting your life!

Eventually I relocated to an actual cave to do the editing.

In fact this year of [f]unemployment has been a particularly crazy one:
It began with a bang and a book.
I locked myself in my cave of a internetless room trying to put ten years of travel onto paper.
But writing about travel wasn’t quite enough and the bug got the better of me…

17 countries.
72 Border crossings.
79 hitchhikes.
Ted and I cycled well over 3000 kilometers.
And watched almost every sunrise and sunset.
We provisioned three boats and sailed thousands of miles.
We slept in more random places than most people will sleep in a life time.
And probably laughed more too.

The adventures have been epic!
The deep and meaningful conversations have been abundant.
As were the hugs and the new friends.

But the breakdowns have been plentiful too!
It’s not easy when your immediate family is spread over four continents.
Or when your favouritest friends and places are scattered in the furtherest reaches of the world.
It’s tough when your internal compass is uncalibrated and keeps you circling the globe,
forbidding your heart to settle.
And you always get on the move before you can truly connect with people.
It’s not easy when you want to be generous and free;
But poverty and you are having a blink off to see who flinches first.

It’s been a constant battle:
Gypsy vs. Grown Up.

I have gleaned quite a number of awesome similarly unemployed friends of late.
Some of them chose their fate,
Others have simply become victims of life’s misfortunes.
But the most common danger is boredom.
Followed by lack of esteem.
Followed by the mounting money woes that force you to want to take the first job that smiles in your direction.

So many give in to the notion that you have to have a job to be a real [wo]man.
Or that if you’re unemployed, you should be spending every waking moment job hunting
But as I said last year in my blog Top Ten Things To do When Unemployed
There’s no need to rush it!
Enjoy your time and freedom!
And while you hunt/work out what you’re doing with your life
Make sure you take moments to actually live!

This year would have been a whole lot easier if I’d taken a job,
But I wouldn’t change it for the world!
I did exactly what I needed to do!


Stuart · December 28, 2017 at 11:27 pm

I need to learn more about what skills and experience I need to be unemployed. Its sounding better and better every day. Barefoot is easy. Jobless.. I need some training

    Bearfoot Gypsy · January 6, 2018 at 7:56 am

    Glad you’re looking into taking the plunge! – But remember it’s an awesome; but not always an easy life! I’m happy to coach you on your journey!

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