The eyes of the traveler see more in a week than many see in a lifetime!

I’m not talking tourism;
Immersing yourself in the world and getting lost in it!
Allowing yourself to meet new and interesting people and truly exploring the sights, sounds,
tastes, cultures, beats, smells, every day lifes of a place.
Forgetting about time. Forgetting about money.
Simply relishing the moments wherever and whenever they might be.
Forgetting about the places you should be and the things you should be doing.

A wise woman once taught me:
You are ALWAYS we you are meant to be!
And life has taught me that you will always have enough!
More money can always be made.

Why not travel free?
Sure you’ll have to give up some comforts;
But what is the point if you’re not willing to leap out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself?

In fact, it’s my favouritest kind of travelling!
Hitching has introduced me to far too many exceptional people!
(And let’s be honest, people are awesome!)
Pedaling has bought me to a plethora of beautiful places and taught me much about my own limitations!
The wind has carried me across countries and oceans and continents.

Food can always be found.
(learn your plants, go fishing, trade, dumpster dive… Expand your palate!)

And shelter?
Forget hotels!
Try free camping or caves;
Or have a cultural experience by couch surfing or meeting random locals!
(People like people! There’s always someone who will be excited to take you in.)

Don’t be a freeloader!
Repay kindness in creative gifts and dishes and stories.
And always pay it forward!

But don’t not go travelling just because of money! (Or lack thereof.)

If you truly throw yourself to the mercy of the world;
You will find a few months can stretch a lifetime!
And a few dollars can take you anywhere!

Life is short!
Go Adventure!

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