I was busy booking a flight to Europe when the neighbours dinghied over.
“Do you want to come with us?”
I thought they meant into town.
But later that same afternoon I had moved all my earthly belongings one boat over and taken refuge in my new catamarany home; Papillon.


While sailing into Namibia; it became apparent that my skipper and I had very different visions for the journey ahead of us; we steered different courses on the same boat. Hurgen had spent three years planning a lonely sailing pilgrimage and had taken on last minute crew to qualm the concerns of his friends and family. With him being a kind-hearted gentle soul with a heart of gold; it took us three weeks to finally have the conversation that decided it would be better to part.

In less than 24 hours of jumping ship; Todd and Lynn (American), Tiaan (South African), Selina (Irish Indian), Teddy (Teddistani) and I (Gypsy) had cleared out and were heading towards the other side of the world.
I knew virtually nothing about my new crew; but there are no coincidences;
everything happens for a reason!
It soon became apparent that I had landed with my paws in the porridge.


I glowed a little green for the first couple of days and I’ve said lots of nasty things about catamarans; but apart from that slapping noise under the hull and the circular motion sailing; it’s been flipping amazing. Did you know you can actually put things down while sailing? The kitchen doesn’t need a gimbal stove. And you can do yoga on the deck without falling overboard.

There’s something about this kitchen that makes everything tastier than it ought to be! The meals aboard have yet to disappoint. And even the flying fish dishes have been phenomenal!

We’ve had a host of interesting bites on the line and reeled in a shark; something resembling an in-bred puffer fish, giant squid, baby squid, and several mahi-mahi. Every day fishing has been a constant adventure and menus don’t get finalized until we’ve closely inspected the catch.


I was worried about being the fifth wheel; but even Valentine’s day aboard this Love Boat was enjoyable. Imagine an enjoyable Valentine’s Day!?

Every day, without fail – after deep and meaningful conversations, laughs so hard my stomach aches, games, jokes, and simple coexistence with legends – I have sat back staring at the vortex of blue and the millennial sky wondering how life can be so wonderful?! My cheeks hurt from smiling too much!

There have been so many awesome celebrations on board – Anniversaries, birthdays, the Prime Meridian, 500 miles to land, life; that arriving at land after two weeks at sea seemed almost anticlimactic.
This morning, 02:31 am, we moored in Saint Helena; The Most Extraordinary Place on Earth.
Here we hope for extraordinary things like clean laundry and some exercise and karaoke before we continue west to French Guiana

They say when a butterfly flaps its wings, it sets off a whole series of strange inexplicable events; Papillon flapped her sails and started a whole new series of adventures.


Marc Hastenteufel · February 27, 2018 at 3:44 am

Good to see you on the “road” again! Waiting for the next post 🙂

Lynn · March 29, 2018 at 10:48 am

We are so very fortunate to have found you in Walvis Bay!

    Bearfoot Gypsy · March 29, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    I’m the most blessed, fortunate, gypsy in the world <3

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