Land ho!!

We were only five days out of French Guiana,
but the crew aboard S/V Papillon could not have been happier to see green tropical paradises looming in our path!
This passage has been that rough!

Saint Laurent Du Maroni – half rainforest, half former penal colony – was a fantastic stop!

We got the very best mooring; right next Edith Cavall – a British ship that’s hung around so long that she’s sprouted more than just roots.

Our neighboring vessel.


After weeks of canned foods and lentils [all delicious], arriving just in time for the weekly market day had us drooling over the colourful array of freshness!

Baguettes and smelly cheeses and olives and wine and smiles!
We devoured them all!!

And then we took in some of the history and culture too.

After ten days of basking in the river town,

restocking supplies, doing much-needed fresh water laundry and some repairs,
land was licked goodbye and we were off again.

15 miles back down the rainforresty river,
we stood poised and ready to see the “nearby” [80 miles] rocket launch.
While clouds and rain stole our view,
we still celebrated the occasion and the return to the ocean with champagne.

The celebrations were done just in time!
Life aboard our “private island” was about to transform into a bull ride.
We lost our following seas and instead had winds and waves slamming the hull from every direction.
We clung on for dear life.

Seaweed seaweed everywhere!
(Only we didn’t have the stomachs to cook it)

The seas and skies were grey while our bodies glowed blue with bruising and our faces green with nausea.
The yellow sea weed zebra-d the abysmal ocean mass with the only life; a constant swarm of flocks of flying fish – all too small to serve up on the skillet.

Stars came and then ducked behind the clouds again.
Phosphorescence danced along the chaos of waves.
The countdown to land was fast, but not nearly fast enough!

We sailed past Barbados and Saint Lucia and then that blessed call arose.

Du Diamant

We sailed passed Rocher du Diamant and up the West coast of the island.
And in a heaven of turquoise calm, we dropped anchor in Anses de Arlet.

Snorkelling. Walking. Sleeping. Cold beer!
Words cannot describe how much our souls needed this!

And while Martinique’s just been a short break, we’re setting the sails again restored,
hoping the next leg, North – through the Caribbean Sea,
will be the best one yet!

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