I had it all planned.
Wait, that’s a lie, I had nothing planned.
But I knew what was about to happen, how it was going to unfold…

I was going to find paradise.
I was going to get a high-paying job.
I was going to find a home.
I was going…

I had no idea where I was going.
I had no idea what I was doing.
I still have no idea how I ended up in Lagos.

But I love it.
And I hate it.
But then I love it even more.

It’s been almost a month since I’ve become a “resident” of the town.
The bizarrely beautiful beaches.
The cobble stoned streets of the old town.
(generally vomit coated in the early morning)
The strange mix of Portuguese
And a plethora of persons from the far reaches of the world.
It’s a special place!

And now that I have but one job,
(I used to multi-task)
I have the time to enjoy it.
And go surfing and paddle boarding and cliff jumping and trail running.
Lagos has everything!
It’s pretty much paradise. [Tick]

I have a job. [Tick]
I work at a surf shop.
We sell bikinis and boards and wetsuits and skateboards and go pros and… we sell a lot
And we sell tours.
Do you want to go for a surf lesson?
We can organise that for you.
Paddle Boarding? Kite Surfing? Quad Biking?
No problem.
Diving? Booze cruise? Sailing?
Anything else?
It’s Lagos, EVERYTHING is possible.
Except finding accommodation.

After a few days of living in a tent.
I moved into an apartment.
And while the fancy apartment had all the mod cons like power and a shower and a kitchen and stuff;
sharing it with nine others
[most of whom bar tended from 10pm to 3 or 5 or 7 am]
Made it all a bit mad.
I moved out.

I spoke to everyone
and anyone
Every person I met!
I made sure I had all my bases covered.
I was just about to give up the accommodation quest and return to the tent when…
[in a movie like setting on the dark terrace-porch of the surf shop after the midnight shift]
I met a madly brilliant, constantly drunk
(he makes a living from being [and getting others] drunk)
Australian with a van he just acquired and doesn’t use;
I became a van-person.
I found a home. [tick].

I found everything I wanted and needed.
PARADISE is currently a little over-crowded (Summer holidays – Peak tourist season)
The JOB is a little underpaid (almost every job in Portugal is)
And HOME comes with its own complications:
No toilet, no shower, no permission to drive…
locks that don’t work and newly dysfunctional “disco” lights…
Which is why last night, when I abandoned my picnic and fled the hurricane windiness of the outdoors
and crept into the safe confines of my cosy residency,
I feasted upon my Portuguese chicken in the dark.
I could not have been happier!!!

Except maybe if you came out to visit!
You need to experience this epic for yourself!

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