I’ve spent most of this year walking on water.
And figuratively too.
Most days have seen the impossible happen.
A journey of trust, hope, faith,
what most call “stupidity”.

The few weeks of sailing I planned, turned into five months;
Two ocean crossings,
Four continents.
Crewing four different boats.
(Morwenna, Papillon, Grande Ourse, and Turia)
That’s rather a lot of water walking!

But walking on land has not been all that different!
In most ways the land beneath my feet has been even more unstable than the water.
Instead of the small confines of a boat, I have had the ability to go anywhere and do anything.
Too much choice.
Too much freedom.
Too little in the bank account.

It’s been a quest to go everywhere and nowhere.
To do everything and nothing.
An expedition without a compass.

You can read all the self-help books you like and watch Ted Talks,
You can consult friends and family and enemies and your dog…
Even world super powers like Trip Advisor and Google…
But nobody is going to tell you where you should go and what you should do when you get there.
They make suggestions.
But the decision is yours.
Your life is your own.
Only you can move your feet.

Working hard!
(And would you believe I currently sell shoes as part of my living?)

But you feel like they’re dragging?
Or trying to run?

Maybe it’s time to take your shoes off for a bit.
Feel the ground [or water] beneath your toes.
Slow down.
Look around.
Gaze at the sun and moon and stars.
Find your bearings.

Maybe you’re sitting still, unsure which direction to walk in?
Sometimes all you need to do is take that first step,
In any direction.
You will be surprised how far your feet will carry you!

The waters might seem rough.
The weather forecast ominous.
There may be fierce creatures lurking beneath.
But without risk, there’s little reward.
So step out and join me on the wobbly journey of life discovery.
Let’s up the adventure levels!
Let’s make 2018 epic!

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Bob lutsky · September 1, 2019 at 10:36 pm

Ty for such a great site! I have always tried to live the words of your wisdom! You are truly an amazing person. One whom I aspire to emulate! I hope to be blessed with the opportunity to explore with you some day! Great meeting you on Pacific pearl in fiji

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