“What are you doing in October?”
I wasn’t sure.
I’m never sure.
But I’m always open for suggestions, inspiration, and adventure.

The handing over of the bike. Thank you Jaoa for parting with your beloved bicycle!        

As I sat peddling my newest [t]rusty steed (a 27+ year old Parkpre mountain bike) the 114 km back to Lagos;
And my butt began to ache,
And darkness descended
I began to wonder what it was exactly I was doing.
And why!??

Meet AJ. He’s so Dutch that his tarp even reads “hup hup Holland!”

I met AJ last year through the bike-packing Couch Surfing network, Warmshowers.
I arrived at his parent’s house late in the evening and set off again the following morning.
Yes we sat up discussing adventures and travel and life, but did I know anything about him?
But when someone manages to time an invitation for adventure to perfectly align with a void in plans; you have to jump at the opportunity…

I finished work on Sunday.
Bought a bicycle on Monday.
AJ arrived on Tuesday.
I gleaned spare parts and gear on Wednesday.
I spent Thursday rebuilding my bike.
And on Friday I packed up my life.
On Saturday we started pedalling to the Netherlands.

As a person who dreads winter and runs away as soon as the leaves orange,
you have to understand that this journey is not simply a physical one.
For the first time in seven years I’m turning to face the cold,
I’m pedalling into the heart of it.
People have seasons.
Maybe people need seasons?
Winter might even be good for me.

We’ve only just begun.
And already there’s been some serious mental and physical challenges.
There’s hills.
Things keep breaking.
The days keep getting shorter.
The nights keep getting colder.
But nothing worthwhile is ever easy.
And that’s why I think I’m probably exactly where I need to be.
(Even if I’m currently illegally squatting on a friend’s balcony in Lisbon, waiting for the hurricane to hit.)

We’ve had some awesome [free] campsites but thank you Jovanka for sneaking me in on what’s meant to be a hurricane night!!

Whether we make it to the Netherlands or not is not important.
How fast or how far we pedal is irrelevant.
But the journey is.
The people.
The lessons.
The adventure!
Life is short. Love your life!

Arriving in Lisbon in the same clothes we left Lagos in five days earlier… (Good thing pictures don’t smell!)

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