People keep asking me what I’m doing with my life.
I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a clue!!!

There are 197 countries in the world.
And each of those holds dozens of fascinating regions spread out across them.

There are millions of career paths available and every day new careers are created
Instead of just being a teacher, nurse, secretary, or breeder, woman can now do anything.
They can even become men (and vice versus).

And every time someone asks “that” question,
I’m reminded that I can go anywhere, and I can do anything!
(except currently walk – but hopefully that will be rectified by April)

My maths isn’t very good, but I can safely say that:

I can also safely say that when you have A LOT of options, it’s difficult to choose.
So, how do you?
How do you decide WHO and WHAT and WHERE you want to be?

Personally, I have simply ridden the wave of fate.
I have made life decisions by:
Flicking a coin (how I chose my first university degree)
By opting to move to whichever country won the World Cup (FIFA 2010)
By sticking my thumb out and seeing where my next ride is going
And by saying “yes” to the job propositions that random persons throw

But how does the rest of society function?

Making a living (i.e. affording to eat – The “WHAT”) is a concern of billions of people the world over.
It appears the “average” person has similarly fallen into careers.
People often take on degrees that sound fancy or make their parents happy
And careers have followed suit.
Many people have taken on a temp job [until they find something better] but forgotten to find something better.
A good portion of the world population has used money as a compass.

Not us, we were Outdoor Instructors – we used real compasses

Being unable to walk, I have sat around (with wise, phenomenal, and inspirational friends and family) and done some research.
I have taken the liberty of putting my findings into the diagram below:
[please note that my circles do involve an exceptionally high calibre of human]

 Career choices are very important!
The world desperately needs more good pirates (the ones who commandeer cake and coffee and minimize global warming)

The world also needs more happy people (people who actually enjoy their life)!
But bear in mind that your career does not define who you are!

The question of the WHERE is another difficult one!

I’m in my second week of bonus time* in Johannesburg:
The city I grew up in (not that I am in any way a grown-up yet), the place I was born!
I haven’t spent this much time here in over a decade.
It’s too big and too busy for my liking – but man the residents are awesome!

I’m also:
Dutch (amazing country bar the weather)
Part Portuguese (Perfect country with terrible wages)
And Gypsy (A wanderlusting vagabond)

And while I prefer sunshine, summer, and seas;
I really could be happy anywhere – as long as there are good people about.
We are not defined by our residency. We are not defined by our nationality!

So, what does make us? What determines our success?

Which brings me to the WHO.

“Being the best version of you” is my definition of success!
Doing instead of dreaming.
Moving forward instead of settling.
Having passion!
Having joy!

I suppose none of this is really a secret,
But the only way to true success is being fully “You!”
(No matter where you are and what you’re doing)

*Thank you Travel Insurance!


Ryan T Gray · March 5, 2019 at 7:25 pm

Super Good blog, I laughed, I cried…I threw up. No, not really, but I did laugh and am blown about the true reason for global warming. You are a great writter and have awesome things to say and creative ways to say them…keep writing. Ryan

Marc Hastenteufel · March 8, 2019 at 3:38 am

YES! Good one again. Well, I follow your adventures as you know. Now it will be interesting to see what is next!

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