It’s cold. It’s wet. And I’m cripple…

The relentless grey sky breaks only to shower me and the [really really old] puppies I need to walk three times a day…
Which, I might add, is a fantastic way to make new friends.
You get noticed pretty quickly when you walk two dogs on crutches.

I’ve been in the Netherlands a week, and I’m still wondering what it is exactly I’m doing here.
More than once have I looked longingly at the temperatures of South Africa, New Zealand and Portugal.

The day I landed. A great reception. The last time I saw the sun. 

Awesome people have dropped in for visits, meals, and tea party celebrations.
And with them the weather seems to turn warmer;
But as soon as they leave, the grey deepens and my mind wonders even further afield.
What am I doing? Why am I here? What happens next?
Trust me, I’m as curious about my future as the people that have done the questioning!

So, in-between dog walks, catch-ups, and pretending to finish writing a novel; there’s been a lot of trauma!
Inner turmoil that makes me feel like I might just implode!
(Magnified significantly by the inability to run.)

Finally reaching land after 50 days of sea!

But editing this book has been a necessary conduit for the revival of my soul.
I’ve been reminded:
About being stranded on a little bathtub-boat in the middle of the Pacific with broken rigging, no propane, and very limited water – That was hell; we survived it.
About being robbed by Brazilian pirates while I lay listening to the screams of my crew members as they were tied up with weapons pressed to their heads – That was hell; we survived it!
About being stuck alone in a car with what was probably a rape-murderer in the middle of the Australian desert – That was hell; I survived it!
About being absolutely broke and having to stay in a haunted prison to put a ghost-infested roof over my sleepless being – That was hell, and again I survived it!

This is not hell. This is simply Winter.
My first winter in seven years.
Winter is a good excuse to stay indoors and write.
Winter is the perfect opportunity to drink a hot cup of coffee and soul search!
Winter brings Spring.
The season of new life.

And while I was sat here feeling cold and broken and sorry for myself, pining for adventures long-lost, and the leg I used to walk on (it’s only been six weeks – but it feels like an eternity…)
I’m also feeling very grateful that I have a roof over my head and that there are no pirates around and I’m in one of the safest countries on earth and that there is coffee and good company at hand.
My fractured hip is the perfect opportunity to finish a project I set out to ensue years ago…
And I’m also exceptionally grateful that I got to fly into this position business class (thank you travel insurance and broken hip!)

I’m reminded that life needs its winters to prepare you for the spring.
And I’m reminded how good it is to sit and soul search and think of what you really want.
To make a plan of action.
And then go and get it.

There’s only one way to get the life you want – and that’s to grab it by the handle-bars and steer it to where you want to go. No matter how impossibly daunting the journey ahead may seem!

I’ll have my leg back soon enough, but with it, I want my life at its fullest!!

So what if it’s cold? So what if it’s wet? So what if your temporarily cripple?
You only have one life and you better make the most of it! All of it!

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