I’m staring at a blank page and it acts as a mirror to my life!
Here I am sat in Amsterdam wondering what to do next…
Where do I go? What do I do? How do I write my next chapter?

Have you ever realised how life is a bit like one of those choose your own adventure stories?
You know, the kind where you get given fun sounding options and then depending on which path you take, you end up reaping all kinds of benefits, facing freakish adversities and meeting strange creatures that lead you to explore exquisite destinations.

Every fork in the road, every decision, leads you to a different adventure.
Only, unlike the stories, this is real [life] and you actually get to reap the benefits of your decisions and meet real amazing humans, achieve real victories.
And you don’t even have to imagine the beautiful paths life leads you down; you can see them with your own eyes, feel them, touch them, taste them, and enjoy them.
You also get to reap the consequences of the bad roads. And you can’t go back. There is no undo button, you can’t simply page back a few pages and choose a better path…

I suppose it makes sense then to always make the right decisions the first time.

We’re human, we like to play it safe. We like to make decisions that make sense.
We don’t like to step too far out of our comfort zone.
We worry about failure. We worry about rejection.
We worry about being homeless and bankrupt and having to dumpster dive for a balanced diet.
It’s good to be cautious, but this path often leads to the “what ifs.”
What if you took a chance and quit the job you hate?
What if you agreed to be transferred to a new country where nobody speaks your language?
What if you put your pride aside and spoke to that good-looking stranger on the bench in the park?
What if you tried to actually achieve your goals and live your wildest dreams?
What if you don’t fail?

We’re human. We’re designed to make some mistakes.
But our mistakes and failures are what teach us the most.
They build character. They build strength.
They prepare us for future success.

As much as we like to play it safe, we’re also curious beings.
We don’t always admit it, but we like to play with fire and live on the edge.
We like to push the limits.
We need to be challenged.
And when we bottle up these fundamental instincts, we become frustrated.
We stagnate ourselves. We become a bore.

Storms will always blow in…

Most great successes, discoveries, business ventures, relationships and feats were achieved by people who took a chance.
People who wanted to know the answer to those “what ifs.”
People who stepped towards their dreams.
And it probably wasn’t an easy path. It was probably an adventure paved with challenges, failures, and tears.
But the final reward always feels better when you have had to fight for it!

But ride the storm and enjoy the wind!

Life is one crazy adventure.
It’s the most exciting story there is.
What are your what ifs?
Which path will you choose?
What do you want your legacy to be?

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Ryan · August 2, 2019 at 10:25 am

Super good!! Loving your blogs deena face

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