I’ve walked on water and soared through the air.
I’ve been a child. And once or twice pretended to adult.
A student. And a teacher.
A roaming vagabond. And a purposeful life liver.
I’m a chameleon constantly flung against life’s backdrops, fighting to find the right shades to blend in.
I’m a runner and a walker. I’m lost but somehow also found.
My heart constantly beats foreign melodies.
While my soul tries to find somewhere to call home.

Today I’m drifting on the ocean blue.
Tomorrow I will find the temporary solace of land before continuing to steer this vessel across the Atlantic [twice] to a place I used to call home.

Am I in exile? On the run?
I don’t think so.
I doubt anyone’s hounding me and struggle to see what I may or may not have done to warrant this laboursome life on the road.
So why not just stop?
Stop moving?

When passion and life burn inside of you and you’re always chasing mountain peaks and the ever-distant setting sun…
If your heart and all things you associate with home are scattered in the far reaches of the planet… …How do you stop?
…How do you say “enough”?
…How do you choose one place, one people, one purpose and build a life there?

As you may have noticed, I’m currently on yet another epic journey.
This time I’m delivering a brand-new catamaran from Bordeaux, France to Cape Town, South Africa.
It’s the same sort of thing I’ve been doing for years, but also a whole new adventure, a [very] new boat, a new crew, and a new mindset.

Preparing to cross the Atlantic (twice)

The adventure?
Sailing is always an adventure.
It’s quite simply throwing yourself into the wind with a purposeful course while the wind tries to steer you elsewhere.
(I don’t think that’s a real definition, so best you don’t quote me on this one).
So far, we’ve bounced across the Bay of Biscay and rounded the Spanish coast to stop in Lisbon.
We continued on to Lagos and then bid Portugal farewell [again] to sail to the Canaries.
Here we have finally found the sun!

Tomorrow (or the next day) we continue South West and cross the Atlantic to Brazil with a probable stop in Cape Verde enroute.
(Hopefully this time there won’t be pirates as a welcome party.)
And then we simply hop across the Atlantic again to get to the beautiful land of South Africa.
Only 7500 miles (give or take a few)

The boat?
She is a beautifully manicured Lagoon 52F.
2020 Edition.
Jersey flagged.
We’re carrying her to Cape Town where the delivery crew hop off and she becomes a family boat.

The crew are a motley bunch of lively South Africans.
We’ve downsized from five to four and now three (as planned).

And my mindset?
I’ve enjoyed throwing myself into the wind and simply seeing where I wash up for the last decade or so.
But it’s time to steer a proper course and graduate from gypsy to…
[I’m still calculating how to finish that sentence]
It’s time for change!
Do I finally do my yacht master and seriously pursue a watery existence?
Or do I start a land-based business?
Do I find a job I actually care about and become a functional member of society?
Will this be my last adventure?
I don’t know! But I have plenty of weeks to think about it!

The truth is I love to move.
And stopping will be no small challenge
I love to savour foreign lands.
I love drifting on oceans.

But I also love people and it’s time for community.
Time to have a home (of some sort) again.
I need to be challenged.
I need to feel like I’m adding value or doing something purposeful!

As I gear up to cross the Atlantic again, I thought I’d sit down and spew my thoughts.
And ask for yours?
What should I be pondering as I drift on the vast vortex of blue?

Today I am a human. A traveller. A sailor.
But we’ll see what I metamorphosise into next.

Please do share your thoughts!
And if you want to follow our journey, you can watch the boat’s progress here.


Langa · March 11, 2020 at 4:11 am

Yay!! Can’t wait till you get home Deenles!! Don’t for once believe those who say you need to settle down and plant yourself in one place- it will destroy your wonderful, wondering spirit, and once that’s gone, what will you have? Life can be only what you make it!

Bob lutsky · March 11, 2020 at 4:29 am

Love your barefoot Gypsy post. I’m in same place you are. Need to wander as I’ve been doing for 25 years but also want to add value and find new purpose. Let’s talk when you get to s Africa.

Jean-Marie · March 11, 2020 at 6:49 am

Amazing, well written! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! I wish you the very best not only for you current journey but also the one that lies ahead!

Ryan T Gray · March 11, 2020 at 12:13 pm

Fantastic Deena face! thanks for sharing

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