Let Go

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had a rollercoaster year chasing adventures and dreams and eligible bachelors.   You may have set goals and forgotten about them. Or not set goals and over-achieved simply Read more…

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About Us

We want to remind you to live a lot!!! Life is short! Go Adventure! Tired of mundane routine, of traffic jams, and of shoes; I gave up my regular routines, adopted a backpack and an Read more…

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Howzit?!   We’re so glad that you’ve come to join our adventure! We’ve been on the road for over ten years. And been barefoot for even longer than that! We hope this inspires you even Read more…

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Definition of adventure 1a :  an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risksa book recounting his many bold adventuresb :  the encountering of risksthe spirit of adventure 2:  an exciting or remarkable experiencean adventure in exotic dining They were looking for adventure. 3:  an Read more…

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